Kimberley Daisley is a self-taught artist who has worked with acrylic and oil paints, built a popular wooden sign business, and created a successful on-line textile business.  In 2018, Kimberley discovered resin art and immediately fell in love with this fascinating medium.  In 2019, she and her husband and two boys moved from her home province of Manitoba to Two Hills, Alberta, where she continues to create unique, modern, and beautiful resin art from her home studio.

The beauty of nature inspires Kimberley and her art brings to life the landscapes of her life: the Aurora Borealis and rugged boreal landscape of northern Manitoba, the sunsets of the prairies, and the waves of ocean scenes.

Kimberley also uses bold colors with metallic accents to create abstract patterns.  She often incorporates various textures into her artwork, including gold leaf, acrylic paint, crushed rock and glass, beads and glitter are some of her favorite embellishments.

Kimberley creates resin art on a variety of home wares and home décor items.  Each design is original and unique which makes her art extra special.

Kimberley's resin art is sure to be a showstopper in any space!